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Community — Sustainability Characteristics of Berea

The property is about seven miles from the heart of Berea—a major Kentucky cultural and sustainability center. The distance to town is close enough, but not 'too close.'

Being resilient is not the same as being a survivalist. Community plays an important role in any sane approach to sustainability and future prosperity in chaotic times. On this score, Berea is an excellent place to be.

  • There is a year-round farmer's market in Berea, with another in nearby Richmond. Lexington, the largest nearby city, has a very large farmers' market, as well as a Whole Foods and a large, well run food co-op.
  • Berea College runs a sustainable agriculture program, training a new generation of farmers and permaculturists.
  • The Foothills Food Buying Club facilitates purchases of bulk and discounted organic and natural foodstuffs.
  • Small CSAs, local meats, and other weekly organic food services complete the healthy food web in Berea.

Beyond food, there is an active community of Bereans working on sustainability and resilience projects to make the economy greener and more local.

  • Berea is one of a growing number of "transition towns" in the United States, setting future energy, water, food, and other resource usage goals that are consistent with a future based on constrained energy supplies.
  • Sustainable Berea, a local NGO, works to develop stronger households, neighborhoods, and community in the face of imminent threats to global sustainability and resource flows. Recent projects include skills calendars, workshops, and 100-mile potlucks.
  • Berea College runs the SENS House—an eco-village-style campus housing section that blends eco-friendly and sustainable systems design.
  • A number of green groups have a strong presence in Berea, including the Kentucky Environmental Foundation and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.
  • Berea Utilities recently launched the Berea Solar Farm, via which Bereans who cannot afford their own solar PV system can still buy solar energy.
  • Relative to many areas of the US that are considered "green," Berea has better air quality and cleaner, more plentiful water resources.

Berea's festivals and other gatherings offer a great way to mix learning, commerce, music, and fun. Here are a few examples:

For more events in Berea, see

Wrap-Up: For anyone who feels the need to escape the chaos of the city but not completely give up the benefits of society, Berea is a great place to land. There are plenty of good reasons why so many out-of-staters are ending up in Berea these days.


Berea - Main Square

Berea combines the elegance of old-time shops with all the modern stores that have become part of our way of doing business.

picture of Berea main square

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Farmer's Market

The Berea Farmers Market is open year-round.

picture of Berea Farmers Market
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