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thumb, for sale sign

It had better have location x 3
FORMAT: JPEG / From Joe Kohl
No longer available from host site.


thumb, Bush as rock star

U 2 can be a rock star/president
FORMAT: Flash Animation/ From Mark Fiore
No longer available from host site.


thumb, ghost

Grim, ghostly, ghastly cartoons!
FORMAT: GIF / From Off The Mark
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thumb, man changing gas price
Extreme Auto Makeover
Cool interactive animated cartoon about gas prices, vehicle technology, and fuel economy. See the auto industry unmasked!
FORMAT: Flash Animation / From Union of Concerned Scientists
No longer available from host site.


thumb, national forest sign
National Forest Drilling
Put a condor in your tank...
FORMAT: GIF / From Steve Greenberg
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thumb, bird with pointer and map
Extinction Sucks
Map out wild animals' chances against the ever-onward march of "civilization"...
FORMAT: Flash Animation / From HippoWorks
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thumb, Scott Segal and Frank O'Donnell
The 'Clear Skies' debate
Scott Segal of Bracewell/Giuliani and Frank O'Donnell of Clean Air Watch examine the future for clean air proposals in Congress.
FORMAT: FORMAT: Flash Video / From E&E TV
  No longer available from host site.


thumb, article text
The Twilight of the Oil Era?
Saudi Arabia and many prognosticators say the Saudi's have enough oil to keep our massive auto fleet humming along for decades. Matt Simmons disagrees ...
FORMAT: Text/HTML / From Energy Bulletin
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thumb, woman with dogs
Natural Pet Care
With the rise of alternative human health treatments, more people are wondering how they can prevent and treat pet illness in a more natural way.
FORMAT: MP3 Audio / From Beyond Organic
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thumb of album cover for supernova Liquid Blue – Supernova
Liquid Blue's songs cover a variety of issues concerning the world today, all presented against a shimmering backdrop of progressive pop that features a pleasing mix of Eastern and Western instrumentation....
FORMAT: Text/HTML / From Grinning Planet
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thumb of album cover for their satanic majesties request Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request
Their Satanic Majesties Request may not be Mic Jagger's favorite Stones album—he's said so—but it is nonetheless a masterpiece of pop psychedelia....
FORMAT: Text/HTML / From Grinning Planet
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thumb, new frontier / time to think Kingston Trio – New Frontier / Time to Think
This double-album CD reissue of New Frontier and Time to Think features some of The Kingston Trio's most serious—and best—songwriting and playing efforts....
FORMAT: Text/HTML / From Grinning Planet
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cartoon of man at computer monitor; link for joke-cartoon, THE UPSIDES AND DOWNSIDES OF OUR COMPUTER-ENHANCED LIVESThe Upsides and Downsides of Our Computer-Enhanced Lives
cartoon of politician's head; link for joke-cartoon, LITTLE-KNOWN POLITICAL ABBREVIATIONSLittle-Known Political Abbreviations
cartoon of angry woman's face; link for joke-cartoon, THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN A GOOD RECYCLER AND A NOT-SO-GOOD RECYCLERGood Recyclers vs. Not-So-Good Recyclers
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"Everyone has a photographic memory; some just don't have film."
 – Steven Wright

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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
 – Mahatma Gandhi

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