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Eco Cartoons

Environmental comics featuring Rustle the Leaf eco cartoons for Earth Day.


graphic - Rustle the Leaf environmental comics THE ECO-CARTOON RUSTLER WAS STRUNG UP WITH FUNNY GREEN LINES
Eco Cartoons from Rustle The Leaf

In today's Eco-Logical, we have less reading, but not less thinking. And we definitely have plenty of laughing in store. The good folks at Rustle The Leaf have offered a nice selection of their funny eco cartoons. So, enough with the talk! On to the eco cartoons!

P.S. Thanks to Dan Wright & Dave Ponce, creators of " Rustle the Leaf environmental comics.

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eco cartoon
eco cartoon
eco cartoon
eco cartoon
eco cartoon
eco cartoon
eco cartoon

Great eco cartoons, eh? Thanks again, Dan and Dave. If you want to check out more from Rustle the Leaf, visit them at:

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Grinning Planet publish date: 18-APR-2006

More good eco stuff:

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Songs for a Better Planet

We've strangled all her trees and starved her creatures;
There's poison in the sea and in the air.
But worst of all, we've learned to live without her;
We've lost the very meaning of our lives . . .   more

Song: "Death of Mother Nature Suite"

Artist: Kansas

Album: The Kansas Boxed Set (Slipcase)

Category: Progressive Rock


album cover for Kansas, The Kansas Boxed Set (Slipcase) Much of Kansas' music dealt with grandeur, myth, and the struggle to find oneself, but these boys also knew how to combine such lofty themes with more down-to-earth topics and music. Most of their best songs are collected here on this two-disc set, The Kansas Boxed Set. There are a number of what might be called "monster tracks" on the album, led by the two songs that propelled Kansas into the world's consciousness—"Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind." Both were huge hits that received copious amounts of radio play in their time (and still do today). There are also many equally great tracks here—songs that did not receive as much attention but are just as good, if not better. Top on this list is the introspective Steve Walsh track "The Wall," which magnificently frames one's spiritual challenges as a mysterious physical barrier. There are also grand portrayals of mythological tales and heroic themes, including the soaring, amazing "Icarus - Borne On Wings Of Steel" and the hard-rocking "Mysteries And Mayhem," wisely positioned back-to-back with the majestic sequel to it, "The Pinnacle." Kansas penned and performed a number of excellent songs about the tragic loss of Native Americans' way of life; included here are "Incomudro - Hymn To The Atman," "Song For America" and "People Of The South Wind." Of course, the album includes the somewhat cheesy hit "Point Of Know Return," as well as a couple other lesser hits—unfortunately at the expense of a few much better songs like "Miracles Out of Nowhere," "Cheyenne Anthem" and "All the World." But that sort of tradeoff is inevitable when a record company takes on the hard task of providing an overview of a band's career, especially when nearly all the songs from great albums like Leftoverture or Masque are candidates for inclusion on a best-of album. The first five original studio albums that Kansas did—Leftoverture, Masque, Song For America, Point Of Know Return, Kansas—are all excellent and all worth owning (in the order listed); and if you have those, there isn't much more here to warrant a purchase. But if you're looking for an overview of this great band's career, The Kansas Boxed Set does an excellent job of presenting you with a couple dozen of Kansas' essential songs.

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