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The info below will help you diagnose the problem, or you can email us and we'll sign you up manually.

SCENARIO A: You did not submit the sign-up form successfully. If you did not see a confirmation web page immediately after you clicked "Submit," it means the operation failed and you are not really signed up. Try signing up again, or you can email us and we'll sign you up manually.

SCENARIO B: You submitted the sign-up form on the web site successfully but then did not respond to the confirmation-request email (or did not receive it). This confirmation reply via email is required from all of our subscribers. It helps us ensure that some practical joker did not sign you up as a prank. If you still have the confirmation-request email, Reply to it and your subscription will be confirmed. If it's been more than 2 weeks since the system sent you the message, you'll need to start the process over again from the beginning—go to the sign-up page.

If couldn't reply to the confirmation because you never saw it in your email inbox, check your Junk Mail/Spam folder(s). You're looking for a message that is from "" (our mailing list service provider) with a subject line that looks something like:

"Grinning Planet {id-67220} subscription request please reply"

You must "reply" to this message for your subscription sign-up to be completed. If it's simply nowhere to be found anywhere in your email folders, you can go to the sign-up page and try the whole process again, or you can email us and we'll sign you up manually.

SCENARIO C: You completed the sign-up process successfully—meaning you submitted your email address on the web site AND replied to the confirmation request in your email—but our mailing list program has been unable to deliver the email to you. Possible causes and solutions are:

  • Possibility 1: You are using filters on your inbox that have inadvertently shunted the emails to the Junk Mail folder (or whichever folder your email service puts suspected spam in). Check your Junk Mail folder and check your filter or rule settings. If you do find the Grinning Planet email(s) in your Junk Mail folder, you should add the Grinning Planet email address to your address book (for text-only, ""; for HTML email, "") — or do whatever it is your email service suggests to tell it a certain email address is safe to receive mail from.
  • Possibility 2: You are using challenge-response anti-spam software and have not whitelisted the Grinning Planet email address (for text-only, ""; for HTML email, ""). You must do this to receive Grinning Planet emails. (Unless we happen to be in a particularly joyous mood on the day you sign up, we don't usually respond to challenge requests from these sorts of anti-spam systems. We simply do not have time to deal with our spam problem and yours. Sorry.)
  • Possibility 3: Your company is using filtering software at the "mail gate" and is dumping it into the corporate Junk Mail folder without your knowledge. You can check with them to see if Grinning Planet messages are getting shunted to the company's big cyber-dustbin. You might also consider changing your subscription to a personal email account.
  • Possibility 4: Your ISP is using filtering software at the "mail gate" and is dumping it into their Friggin' Huge Junk Mail Folder without your knowledge. You can check with them, but lotsa luck. AOL is particularly barbaric in the way it filters email, but many others are clumsy at it too.
  • Possibility 5: Your mailbox is full and the emails bounced. Clear out some space.
  • I'm Tired of Possibilities!  OK, OK. You can email us and we'll try to sign you up manually.

AGGGGHHH! If you've tried all of the above and are still having problems, please email us—we'll try to help.

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