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Main Requirements (General):

  • Pick articles to reprint only if they are listed on our reprint page: free environmental articles.
  • Once you know what article(s) you want to reprint, please send us a quick email to let us know what you're doing.
  • Include our attribution(s) at the end of your reprint. (See section below.)
  • Only use articles as-is — complete, with no changes. If you think you have a reason to make a change, ask us about it when you email us.
  • Reprint no more than four Grinning Planet articles in any 12-month period.

A Few Other Rules (Lawyerific!):

  • You may not use a Grinning Planet article in a manner that is disparaging or intended to present a contrary opinion.
  • You may not charge a fee specifically for viewing or downloading the article.
  • Mark Jeantheau retains all ownership, rights and copyrights to the material.
  • We will revoke reprint rights if, in our opinion, the reprint requirements and rules have been not been followed.


  • REQUIRED: The byline under the article title should be:

    by Mark Jeantheau,

  • REQUIRED: At the end of the article, put the following:

    © Mark Jeantheau/Grinning Planet. More great articles at

    (a) For web-based reprints, the web address ( must be hyperlinked back to our home page.
    (b) The code for the copyright symbol is ©

  • OPTIONAL: If you want to add more info "About The Author," here is a paragraph:

    About the Author
    Mark is a writer, financial analyst, progressive thinker, web developer, and, as necessary, chef and janitor. Mark's web site, Grinning Planet, is an expression of his enthusiasm for all things humorous, green, and truthy, as well as a psychotic desire to work himself to death. Hobbies include music, healthy eating, getting frustrated over politics, and occasionally lecturing the TV set on how uncreative it is. Mark lives in Kentucky in the USA.

Additional info:

  • To get the article text, just select-copy it from the web pages. Beware of special characters like ampersands, curly quotes, and long dashes that will need to be re-encoded after you paste.
  • You can also get a Grinning Planet logo to put with the reprint. (This is optional.)
  • A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated (but is not required). Our address is 23 Radford Hollow Rd, Berea KY 40403.
  • Thanks a lot!

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