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Global Warming Comic Strip

A global warming comic strip cartoon in the form of a mini global warming comic book


graphic - Rustle the Leaf environmental comics “AND HOW ’BOUT THE GLOBAL WARMING FROM THAT RAY GUN, PAL?”
The Day The Earth Stood Still —
A Global Warming Comic Strip

Is the excellently comic work below a global warming comic strip or a mini global warming comic book? We don't know; but for now, we're going with "strip" because somehow that sounds more alluring. Hubba hubba.

The material comes from Marc Roberts, a funny fur-uh-ner who takes aim at corporate lunatics and zaps the foot-dragging US response to global climate change. Marc runs the eco cartoon site (a.k.a. Climate Chaos), which is chock-full of cartoony goodness.

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Global Warming Comic Strip -- Panel 1

page 1

Global Warming Comic Strip -- Panel 2

page 2

Global Warming Comic Strip -- Panel 3

page 3

Global Warming Comic Strip -- Panel 4

page 4

Global Warming Comic Strip -- Panel 5

page 5

Global Warming Comic Strip -- Panel 6

page 6

Global Warming Comic Strip -- Panel 7

page 7

Global Warming Comic Strip -- Panel 8

page 8

A great global warming comic strip, eh? (Thanks again, Marc!) Mr. Roberts is a prolific cartoon commentator, and we hope you'll check out his self-described "dark green humour"—including more great global warming comic strips!

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For reprint permission, please contact Marc Roberts at the following email address: info [@]

Grinning Planet publish date: 26-AUG-2007

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Marc Roberts is a free-radical cartoonist based in Manchester, UK. His post-pessimist delusion that the propelling pencil may yet prove mightier than the sword (or the urban assault vehicle) is illustrated at, where he and pre-post-apocalyptic collaborator Marc Hudson have amassed an array of weapons-grade cartoonery.




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  book cover for Storm World, by Chris Mooney, 7/2/2007

Storm World delves into the red-hot debate over "the weather": is the increasing ferocity of hurricanes connected to global warming? In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, journalist and New Orleans native Chris Mooney traces how the media, special interests, politics, and the weather itself have skewed the scientific debate. (by Chris Mooney)

  book cover for Forty Signs of Rain, by Kim Stanley Robinson, 6/1/2004

Forty Signs of Rain is a novel that features cutting-edge science, international politics, and the real-life ramifications of global warming as they are played out in our nation's capital—all told through the daily lives of those at the center of the action. Hauntingly realistic, the novel is set in the near future but inspired by scientific facts already making headlines. With style, wit, and rare insight into our past, present, and possible future, the novel propels us into a world on the verge of unprecedented change.

  book cover for Climate Crash, by John D. Cox, 3/1/2007

Abrupt Climate Change And What It Means For Our Future

Scientists are finding that layers extracted from cores drilled into ice sheets, sediments collected from sea shores, and growth rings exposed in ancient corals and trees all say the same thing—that climate shifts can be more sudden and troublesome than we'd ever thought possible. Find out what the triggers are and how likely the climate is to crash.


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